Workshop: ‘Rural Retailing and Distribution in History’

The workshop on:
‘Rural Retailing and Distribution in History’
will take place at the University of Wolverhampton
on 13 May 2015seed merchant

The programme, together with abstracts, registration details and further information, can be found at:

The programme includes:
Maggie Andrews, University of Worcester, ‘Markets, Depots and Sales Tables: the Women’s Institute’s Rural Retailing’

Lucy A. Bailey, University of Northampton, ‘Serving or Exploiting the Rural Working Class? Political, Social and Moral Anxieties about the Village Shop’

Douglas McCalla, University of Guelph, ‘The Country Merchant in Upper Canada: Implications of a New Data Set’

Anna Pauli, University of Regensburg, ‘Bringing Fashion to the Countryside. Origins and Characteristics of Mail-Order Selling in Germany (1870-1930)’

Christine Stevens, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, ‘The Country Tailor, a Welsh Case Study’

 Alison Toplis, University of Wolverhampton, ‘Re-Evaluating 19th Century Rural Enterprise: A Case Study of the Smock Frock’

 Andrew Popp, University of Liverpool, ‘Folk business, folk history: writing the histories of rural trades’

Jon Stobart, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Innovation and Tradition in the Village Shops, 1660-1800′

Danae Tankard, University of Chichester, ‘Clothing Acquisition in Seventeenth-Century Sussex’

The workshop will take place in room MH206/7, Mary Seacole Building, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton.

The fee is £18.

For further information and to register, please see the workshop web-pages, at:

Or contact Laura Ugolini, at:

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